Gates Poly Chain GT2

Now in Carbon Construction.

An energy efficient, molded toothed belt from Gates that has higher horsepower ratings, lasts longer and requires less maintenance than problem V-belts, gears, roller chains and other rubber synchronous-type belts.

Gates Poly Chain GT2 belt is ideally suited for general industrial applications and OE drives ranging from low-speed, fractional horsepower, to applications as high as 1000 HP. Poly Chain GT can operate over a wide range of speeds.

The belt's efficiency of almost 98 percent for the life of the drive is attributed to several patented design features. These include the modified curvilinear teeth, thin profile and the ribbed back of Poly Chain GT. Together, these factors reduce friction, bending stress, and energy consumption by 5 - 10 percent when compared to V-shaped belts and roller chains.

Built to last up to five times longer than roller chain drives, the belt is made of a special polyurethane compound reinforced with aramid and carbon fiber. The teeth are protected by a special woven fabric.

In contrast to rubber HTD and timing belts, Gates Poly Chain GT provides up to four times the horsepower ratings. At the same time, the entire drive package (belt and sprockets) weighs up to one-third less, and uses up to 60 percent narrower sprockets.

The special polyurethane compound gives the molded teeth high shear strength during power surges and shock loads, and allows the body of the belt to resist abrasion, chemicals and temperature extremes.

Poly Chain GT Carbon is available in the widely used 8mm and 14mm pitch sizes, with lengths from 25.2 to 176.4 inches (640 to 4,480 millimeters), and 39.1 to 173.6 inches (994 to 4,410 millimeters), respectively. Gates also has a complete line of Poly Chain GT sprockets for the belt.

Copyright 1997. The Gates Rubber Co., Denver, Colorado.


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