LIMCT is a stocking Master Distributor for both the Gates Rubber Company and Goodyear. We have particular expertise in HVAC systems for office and apartment buildings.

We also carry a full line of pulleys, sheaves, and fan bearings by DODGE and SKF.

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If you are interested in reducing energy costs and increasing service life, look into the latest developments by Gates:


Some of the belt types used in the HVAC and other industries and supplied by LIMCT are:

Super HC® and Super HC® Molded Notch Belts
(3V, 5V, 5VX, etc.)
To save space, weight and dollars, select Super HC and Super HC Molded Notch belts. They transmit higher horsepower where high speeds, high speed ratios or small sheave diameters are required. Super HC belts feature flex-bonded cords and flex weave covers to enhance load-carrying capability. Super HC Molded Notch belts have specially designed notches and lateral rigidity to support the cord, plus they have precision-machined sidewalls for better length control, product uniformity and consistency. Both belts resist the effects of oil, heat, ozone, sunlight, weather and aging. They meet RMA standards for static-conductivity.

Hi-Power® II Belts
(A, B, C cross-sections)
Hi-Power II belts are the best choice for classical/conventional applications. They have concave sidewalls, a construction feature that distributes wear uniformly and provides proper belt support to improve service life. Flex-bonded cords and flex weave covers make them the No. 1 choice for new applications or replacement on heavy-duty conventional V-belt drives. Hi-Power II belts resist the effects of oil, heat, ozone, weather and aging, and also meet RMA standards for static-conductivity.

PowerBand® Belts
(3-banded, 5-banded, etc.)
Gates invented the PowerBand concept to solve the problems resulting from shock loading, such as belt whip, turnover, etc. PowerBand belts feature two or more belts "tied" together at the top using cross-cord as a unique tie band. They team up to give extra strength and power. Used extensively in cooling tower applications. PowerBands are available in Hi-Power II, Super HC and Super HC Molded Notch constructions.

Truflex® Belt Drives
(3L, 4L, 5L)
Truflex belts improve performance on all light-duty, FHP V-belt drives. Their unique construction provides smooth, quiet operation with less vibration.


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